Asbestos Consulting

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Chrysotile asbestos fibers seen under 19,000x magnification

Asbestos Inspections

We will collect the necessary number of samples from the suspect materials in your building, assess their conditions, analyze by appropriate laboratory methods and quantify amounts of all sampled materials. We will make recommendations for how to handle the materials and provide you with a rough order-of-magnitude cost estimate for any recommended repairs or removals. The final product will be a report you can rely upon for the life of your building.

Asbestos Air Monitoring Services

Asbestos air sampling services provide important legal documents, illustrating your responsible actions and protecting you from future liability. We will manage, observe and document compliance with relevant regulations and standards and note the protective measures taken to isolate the work area from the occupants, public and environment. We also perform personal monitoring services to comply with OSHA regulations.

Asbestos Abatement Design Services

If you plan to renovate or demolish your building and asbestos is present then a plan for controlling the asbestos must be developed. Our abatement design services will identify and define the materials needing special handling and how to manage them during construction. Our design services can save you thousands by creating a basis for competitive bidding and eliminating construction change orders.

Asbestos Abatement Project Management

Lehua Environmental Inc. can assist you in all phases of the asbestos abatement process. We can help you to select pre-qualified contractors to bid on the work or offer the contract to all interested parties. We can facilitate the pre-bid meetings, write and distribute addendums and direct the bid-opening meeting. Once we have obtained the contractor’s qualifications and prices, we will help you to select the best contractor for the project.

Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans

The majority of asbestos containing materials may not need to be removed from your building if you know how to properly manage it. A Lehua Environmental Inc. O&M plan will tell you:

  • where the asbestos is
  • how you should monitor it
  • how to handle it
  • how to label it
  • how to train your employees working in the building
  • how to keep from disturbing the asbestos
  • what to do if the asbestos is disturbed

Asbestos Awareness Training

Do you have asbestos in your building? If the answer is yes, then you MUST give your employees working in the building the proper training. OSHA regulations require your maintenance and janitorial workers to take a two-hour asbestos awareness class. Lehua Environmental Inc. can provide you with this training. Classes are taught by experienced and dynamic individuals who will focus on your specific building or O&M plan and also cover safe work practices. We have tailored our curriculum to reduce anxiety that may occur from having ACM in your building.

Just Give Us A Call

We will provide you with a proposal tailored to your budget, time constraints, and your specific needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our web page or call us at (808) 494-0365 and ask our staff any questions you may have regarding asbestos in your building.